HD-VCS Released

High Definition Video Capture System

HD-VCS Released

Postby YuriK on Fri May 24, 2013 11:24 am

MoTeC brings true high definition video to motorsport with its new High Definition Video Capture System.
The HD-VCS is a compact and lightweight recording unit that provides superior quality video with numerous features designed specifically for the racing environment.

Features include :
- Genuine high definition with 1080p @ 30 frames per second
- Automatic Start/Stop, eliminating the need for drivers to turn it on
- Uses vehicle power - no batteries to recharge
- Live gauges automatically recorded on the video
- Over 5 hours recording at 1080p
- Records to removable storage (SD memory card) up to 32GB
- Video can be played directly from the memory card
- Automatic CAN synchronisation with data in i2

HD-VCS comes as a KIT(18207) which includes:
- HD-VCS Recorder (18207C)
- Camera (18208)
- Microphone (18209)
- HD-VCS Camera Loom, 2 metres (61237)
- HD-VCS Power and Communications Loom, 2 metres (61243)
- 32GB SD Card (61241)

- Roll Cage Camera Mounting Bracket (65076)
- HD-VCS Camera Loom, 4 metres (61238)
- HD-VCS Camera Loom Extension, 2 metres (61239)
- Replacement HD-VCS Camera Lens Cover (61242)

- CDL3, SDL3, ADL3, ACL - data streaming for Live gauges and automatic data synchronisation in i2.
- SDL,ADL2, ADL - data streaming for live gauges but no automatic data synchronisation in i2.
- M1 ECU (depending on package)
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