New Gauges - Choose your own.

High Definition Video Capture System

New Gauges - Choose your own.

Postby MattW on Thu Jul 18, 2013 4:47 pm

New HD-VCS Gauges are now available.
You can now select your own on screen gauges to be displayed on your HD-VCS videos.
Compatible with HD-VCS firmware v0.00.27#181 or later. Available here.
There are four gauges to select from.

'Large' This is the standard gauge set that is installed with the latest firmware.

'Medium' No lap time but still plenty of information.

'Small' Just the important stuff.

'Boat' Boat specific gauges. No gear, no brake. Just G, speed, RPM and throttle

These gauges are available with the latest firmware only and as such can be found in the same download.

Sending your desired gauge to the dash is a simple task.
Locate the 'vcsosd.dat' file you want and place it on your SD card in a folder named 'transit'
Next time the HD-VCS is powered up it will load your new file into the internal memory and start using is straight away.
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Re: New Gauges - Choose your own.

Postby Holmz on Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:26 pm

I was talking with Darrin a few months ago about the G-Force plots for I2.
I was SQRT(LatG^2 + LongG^2), but that is not as insightful as the plot shown above...
Can that be put into i2?
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