Help needed with M4 aux ignition COPs

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Re: Help needed with M4 aux ignition COPs

Postby w460 on Wed May 15, 2024 4:16 am

Stephen,please excuse me for the noob question - batch firing is that firing of the all 6 cops at the same time from the one IGN1 output?
Do it is safe for the IGN1 to connect 6 coils with the internal ignitors to the one output?

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Re: Help needed with M4 aux ignition COPs

Postby Stephen Dean on Thu May 16, 2024 10:37 am


The Ignition coils will either be wired as sequential, or Wasted Spark, you cannot batch fire ignition coils. Batch firing is only for Injectors where it is possible for all of the injectors to be fired simultaneously, but they are also typically wired to multiple outputs when this is done.

The only way that you can use a single IGN output on the M4 to drive multiple coils is by using the IEX, this takes a coded single from the IGN_1 output, and drives the individual coils that are wired to it in firing order.
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